The Nanotechnology for Clean Energy IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education Research Traineeship) is an interdisciplinary, multi-university (Princeton and Rutgers) graduate fellowship program focusing on nanoscale energy technology development.
IGERT Trainees participate in:
  • Interdisciplinary courses in the fundamentals of energy technology, nanotechnology and energy policy.
  • Dissertation research emphasizing nanotechnology and energy.
  • Dynamic educational exchange between U.S. and select African institutions.
The IGERT program is lead by Prof. Manish Chhowalla (MSE, Rutgers) and Program Coordinator, Dr. Johanna Bernstein (IAMDN, Rutgers) along with Prof. Craig Arnold (MAE, Princeton). Pictured at right are the 2011-12 Trainees.


Kimberly Scott, a 4th-year graduate student in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Rutgers University is working on battery research in the laboratory of Professor Glenn Amatucci. Her dissertation research on the Utilization of Electrodeposition for the Fabrication of Heterogeneous Electrodes for Lithium Ion Batteries focuses on the optimization of the alloy: copper-tin. In her fabrication process, she designed a new electrodepositing technique that can be up-scaled for industry in mass production that is different from all previously used electrodeposition processes.

Kim also recently traveled to the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Resesarch in Pretoria, South Africa to present her research at the 13th Topical Meeting of the International Society for Electrochemistry. Kim is also a participant in the Bartle Elementary School 3rd Grade Energy and Electricity Workshops (pictured above), now in its third year.

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Latest News

Latest travels for the IGERT trainees: attending a Gordon Research Conference on Nanotechnology for Energy Applications
Trainee Eric Gauthier Interns at CSIR - Pretoria, South Africa
Eric Gauthier, a PhD student in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton spent two months working at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Pretoria, South Africa from May 28 to July 21, 2012.
Trainees Participate in Joint-US Materials Institute, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Ryan Thorpe, Alexandra Biedron and Shoham Bhadra were selected to participate in the First Materials Research School held at Addis Ababa University, December 9-21, 2012.
Jing Li - IGERT Faculty Wins Prestigious C3E Award
Professor Jing Li (CCB, Rutgers) has been awarded a C3E award recognizing mid-career women with outstanding accomplishments in clean energy research.
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