Novel Polymers for Biomedical Applications

Project Description

Research in the Uhrich group focuses on the design, synthesis, and characterization of novel polymers used for a vast range of biomedical applications.  Polymers from our lab have are used as unique, controlled drug-delivery devices, biodegradable and drug-eluting tissue engineering scaffolds, nucleic acid delivery systems, and quantum-dot coatings, to name a few.  The research projects within the group are very multidisciplinary, with lab members having backgrounds ranging from traditional organic chemistry, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering to materials science and pharmacy.  Typical undergraduate research in lab entails the synthesis, purification and characterization of unique polymers and precursors under the guidance of graduate mentors.  In addition, researchers have many opportunities to participate in the subsequent biological testing of the polymers (degradation studies, cytotoxicity evaluation, bacterial testing, in-vivo animal studies, etc.).


GPA:  No minimum required
Course Experience:

  • General Chemistry (lecture and lab required)
  • Organic Chemistry (lecture and lab preferred)

Current Undergraduate Researchers

  • Isita Amin
  • Hana Hamdi
  • Neel Jingar
  • Dalmar Mohamod
  • Vivian Nguyen
  • Tim Susko

Representative Publications with Undergraduate First- or Co-authors

Harmon, Alexander M.; Lash, Melissa H.; Sparks, Sarah M.; Uhrich, Kathryn E. “Preferential cellular uptake of amphiphilic macromolecule-lipid complexes with enhanced stability and biocompatibility” Journal of Controlled Release (2011), 153(3), 233-239.

de Ronde, Brittany M.; Carbone, Ashley L.; Uhrich, Kathryn E. “Storage stability study of salicylate-based Poly(anhydride-esters)” Polymer Degradation and Stability (2010), 95(9), 1778-1782.

Research Area: